Below are answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, click the "Ask GMO" button at the top of the screen to e-mail us your question.

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining GMO . . .
We are a very competitive firm and recognize the need to continually strengthen our organization.  We are always interested in hiring bright, passionate, self-directed people who want to add value to one of the most respected investment firms in the world. If, after reviewing GMO's investment philosophy and approach, you feel your background, experience, and interests could be relevant to us, please submit an application for one of our open positions. Please find a listing of our current open positions here . You also have the option of completing a general application if there are currently no open positions fitting your background and interests. After we receive your application, we will be in touch if we wish to discuss your background further.

General Investment Questions

How do you define "quality" stocks?

GMO defines quality companies as those with high and stable profitablility, and low debt.  Please refer to the white paper entitled "Profits for the Long Run:  Affirming the Case for Quality" located in the Global Equity (Strategies) section of Research & Commentary for further detail.

Does GMO answer general investment questions asked by the public?
Due to the proprietary nature of our research, we do not comment outside of our published, publicly available white papers, quarterly letters, etc.

Does GMO comment on individual stocks or securities?
GMO does not comment on individual stocks or securities.  Top holdings as well as other investment characteristics for GMO Capabilities can be found by clicking the tab and navigating to your area of interest.

Does GMO allow the reprinting or dissemination of its commentary?
GMO generally does not allow the use of its copyrighted material, in full or in part, preferring instead to have readers referred to our website.  That said, permission must be obtained in order to use any of GMO's copyrighted material.  Please use the Ask GMO feature to make your request.

Information about GMO Trust Mutual Funds

How can I invest with GMO if I do not meet your investment minimums?
Please visit the Investor Information section of About GMO for more information about our sub-advisory relationships and how you can invest with GMO if you do not meet our minimums ($10 million for mutual fund accounts).

What are the differences among share classes?
Several GMO Trust mutual funds have more than one share class.  The difference among the various share classes is the level of Shareholder Service Fee that the classes bear for client and shareholder service, reporting, and other support.  The existence of multiple classes reflects the fact that, as the size of a client relationship increases, the cost to service that client decreases as a percentage of the assets in that account. Thus, the Shareholder Service Fee is lower for classes where eligibility criteria require greater total assets under GMO'S management. Please see the GMO Trust Prospectus for all share class information.

What are purchase premiums and redemption fees?
Purchase premiums and redemption fees generally apply only to cash transactions. These fees are paid to and retained by the Fund itself and are designed to allocate transaction costs caused by shareholder activity to the shareholder generating the activity, rather than to the Fund as a whole.  Please see the GMO Trust Prospectus for Fund-specific information.

When are dividends paid?
Please see the GMO Trust Prospectus for Fund-specific information.

Alternative Investments

Where can I find information about GMO's Forestry investments?
GMO's forestry investments are privately offered partnerships accessible only to qualified investors, usually through investment advisors. If you would like information about GMO's forestry products, please contact renewableresources@gmo.com. If you have general questions about forestry as an asset class, we suggest that you contact a registered investment advisor as GMO is unable to provide investment advice in this regard.